Shavetail Alpaca

Like No Place Else.......

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Welcome to our farm!

We are a well established ranch focused on raising the highest quality Huacaya alpaca. For us it is ultimately "All about the fleece". Plan a visit and we can share our experience with you and you too can enjoy the alpaca lifestyle, even if just for the day!

Shavetail Alpaca started in 2008. Our move to the "country" was a new experience for us just like alpaca, thus the name of our ranch.

Shave Tail - A green, inexperienced person.

Yep, we were inexperienced alright. Neither of us knew anything about livestock or living on a ranch, we just saw a commercial on TV and thought gosh those are cute, let's get a couple. Coming from the streets of San Francisco, we now found ourselves on 5 acres, on a dirt road, with a well and a septic tank, and a half dozen of these critters with long necks. Now what?

Well first and foremost you better find yourself a darn good mentor because you're going to need someone to call the first time you see two feet and a nose popping out.

There is so much to learn about in this industry, everyday you learn something new. Just when we think we have heard it all, something else comes up and you say "I have never heard of that".

The animals are such a joy to care for. We sit daily and just watch their antics, especially the cria and their non-stop bouncing around the pasture.